TopicHow to Fix Epson Printer Not Printing Error

  • Fri 27th Nov 2020 - 7:58am

    The Epson Printer Not Printing error could stem either from a hardware glitch or some issue in the software. It is vital to first find the cause of the issue. The primary reasons why the error printer, not printing could emerge is because of some flaws in the printer driver, incompatibility between the printer and the system, paper jam, print spooler error, or some other fault in the hardware. Given below are some easy Epson printer troubleshooting to fix this error.

    Print Spooler Services

    Simply press Windows+R or open the run prompt, type “services.msc” and look for print spooler. Ensure that this service is running. If the services are stopped or disabled, simply double click on it, make it automatic, and tap Start.

    Set your printer as default

    Navigate to Control Panel> Devices and Printers. Verify whether the Epson printer you are using is enlisted. If there is a green tick adjacent to it, it would mean it is set as default. If not, simply right-click on it and click Set as Default. If the printer isn’t mentioned, you could add your printer through the Add Printer option.

    Confirm Compatibility

    It is crucial to establish a compatible connection between the printer and the system. Usually, when the printer is old or the version of Windows is old, there might be a compatibility issue. Visit the website and download the latest Epson Printer drivers to eradicate these issues.

    Update Drivers

    Out of date drivers could be another reason to cause this issue. Visit Device Manager > Printer > Right-click and select update driver software. After updating the driver, the issue shall be resolved. If the issue persists, it is recommended to uninstall the driver and re-install it.

    How to Fix Epson Printer Not Printing Error

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