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    So the Yan flies a to compute down and discover right away that the production that passes cement combines to make the money chemical element consumed too many.But because the money chemical element is the most decisive catalyst, it makes the steel cement formula of dreamlike island able to have been being placed in to keep secret status, absolutely can not be stolen or is crack.The dreamlike island controls underground strong and tough super rock and pluses a money chemical element and make the dreamlike island will have been monopolizing the business of steel cement, the other people completely can not carry on mountain Zhai to this. Yang Qi also because discover that the use of super cement is larger, just thinks other all invention in that this invention has already outstripped dreamlike island laboratory.The Yan flies although the viewpoint that approves Yang Qi can still keep feeling other science and technology also also important, they now although didn't express too big use,will definitely bring the dreamlike island huge help in the future. After Yang Qi flies for Yan introduced this steel cement, right away ignore the Yan fly Fernando Valenzuela Dodgers Jersey, but re- return to laboratory and started an all new experiment going.He just got a great deal of wreckage of crash aircraft, is exactly the key period that carried on a research to these wreckages, nature can't the wave take a lot of time to fly with Yan carefree pull here.If isn't that he feels that the steel cement is probably useful to the construction of the dreamlike island, he basically can't notify that the Yan flies this affair on his own initiative. The Yan flies to know that this is Yang Qi's disposition, the nature also has no what not great place, contrary BE, he still needs to thank Yang Qi, because Yang Qi brought him an all new product, an epoch-making product, can let the dreamlike island chock the super product of neck in the world. The Yan flies off to open laboratory, finds out the office of six Ping pings and tells her the affair of steel cement.Six Ping pings are business lucks camp superior, although take managing the concrete business of dreamlike island as a lord now, but still keep controling the development direction of dreamlike science and technology.So six Ping pings know dreamlike island incredibly such a revolution product behind, is also a gape.Six Ping pings more what to have never thought BE, the underneath of the dreamlike island is incredibly a super mineral mountain that hugely may compare iron mine stone in the whole world content. Six Ping Ping firsts suggest that be let the Yan fly to seek a warehouse hurriedly, those body figures that pile in the open the huge strong and tough rock hides and avoids being discovered the real use of these underground rocks by the other people.Then six Ping pings carry on a detailed plan again and how may compare the steel cement of steel to push this kind of toward the whole world. The Yan flies a bit funny Justin Turner Dodgers Jersey, he is a great deal of underground warehouse at the scooping out of underground bitter hard bitterness, purpose be for storing the material of dreamlike island, but those underground rock that are dug out can be piled on the ground on.But now for hiding these underground rocks, have to accept them into warehouse again, so do these warehouses exactly want to build a where?Want to scoop out a new warehouse in the underground again?Where do the rocks that so dig out put again to go? However this problem isn't too decisive problem, the Yan flew to just at will promise the request of six Ping pings.Six Ping pings are to understand the person whom the Yan flies most , she just flies the answer that suggests to she through a Yan, discovered a problem, asking of her concern way:"Teddy boy, the dreamlike island discovers such an all new source of money, you should be happy be?How to see you there is also worry?" The Yan flies and then sighed an one breath and said:"Because I discovered an affair recently, if this affair handling isn't good, may give us the development of the dreamlike island to bring trouble very much." In six hearts of Ping Ping a surprised, ask a way:"What affair?" Yan's flying don't answer this question, he asked another question:"Ping Ping, do you have the news that the concern comes from insularity recently?" Six Ping pings don't know that the Yan flies why pulled in the insularity body, she asks a way:"Are you to say the news of the news still political top on the insularity business?" The Yan flies to say:"All be not, is an entertainment news of super gossip." Six Ping pings say with smile:"Teddy boy, you how did the amusement gossip news starting to pay attention to insularity come?" The Yan flies but doesn't smile and says:"Ping Ping, you also remember us, is the dreamlike island how to get?" Six Ping pings say:"Remember!While going to fell country Charles de Gaulle Airport, you at an original farmland Hao to down and out insularity person second-hand in buy down.At that time original farmland Hao two because gave offense to insularity imperial house's princess, result drive insularity government dismiss nationality, can not leave Charles de Gaulle Airport, at improverished under just sell to a dreamlike island you." The Yan flies to say:"That original farmland Hao two return to insularity recently." Six the Ping pings are one Leng Cody Bellinger Dodgers Jersey, suddenly thoughted of what, say:"Is not dreamlike island of sold procedure top to appear mishap?" The Yan flies to say:"I have already allly worked well to guard against a work while purchasing a dreamlike island at that time, didn't almost and impossibly be held tight flaw.But I still kept leaving out a key link, that was this insularity person original farmland Hao two whether have all right to handle this group of islands." Six Ping pings also remember the then circumstance, she says:"But we have been already investigated at that time, the dreamlike island was an original farmland Hao two all private, there are no the second host, so he completely has right to sell the dreamlike island to us." The Yan flies to squint Jing, the ray of light of eyes inside flash across danger, he says:"Now insularity domestic always at publicizee original farmland Hao two with the love story of insularity imperial house good sub- princess, say 2 people because of misunderstanding difference, difficult after several years of again reencounter, and good sub- princess at with original farmland Hao two reunion empress right away pregnant.For this news, what will you associate from it?" Six Ping pings are intelligent persons, the Yan flies just to stir at 1:00, and she responds to come over and says:" Original farmland Hao two and the good sub- princess is husband and wife, have they before been already got married?If is such, the dreamlike island belongs to original farmland Hao two and the good sub- princess' common property, original farmland Hao two have no right to sell to a dreamlike island alone we." The Yan flies to say:"I can make sure now, original farmland Hao two is a single while selling the dreamlike island to me, he and good sub- princess at that time also not is what husband and wife.But in the original farmland Hao two sell to a dreamlike island I, but after we get up a dreamlike island development, original farmland Hao two and the insularity imperial house's good sub- princess became husband and wife." Six Ping pings say:"Your meaning is to say, the insularity government has a liking for a dreamlike island, so want with the identity of the half of borrowing the good sub- princess host, does the management participating in a dreamlike island come up?" The Yan flies to say:"No matter the insularity government is how to think, they are all absolutely impossible from acquire any advantage in the dreamlike island.I not afraid other people's benefit is by force come to coerce us, because I have the safety that enough confidence protects a dreamlike island.But when the insularity government wants to come up to break from the legal theory the dreamlike island ownership define, but I have to value this affair." Six Ping pings thought for a while and said:"The key is that insularity person original farmland Hao two and insularity the imperial house good sub- princess before isn't husband and wife." The Yan flies to say:"Their 2 people is before and basically doing not get married, is not husband and wife either.I have my own outlet and know that their matrimony applications repair to do afterwards, however advance the date to the original farmland Hao two go to fell the country Charles de Gaulle's arena previous." Six Ping pings say:"The information-based degree of the insularity is very high, like the information that gets married the type of application, affirmation will keep in the computer system.We as long as the computer system that invades them, can find out them to modify to get married the clues of applying for the date, we modify insularity to get married the affair of time to spread to go, insularity government not the bamboo basket kick is an empty?" The Yan flew to sigh an one breath and said:"If all of their informations keep in the computer system, I basically don't worry this affair.But the all thingses all have exception, there is a marriage register in suburban area in insularity Tokyo ordering, have been following an ancient tradition there, adopt the way of handicraft register to carry on get married proof of issue, then get married the component of proof have been keeping as well in that marriage register to order, can't record into computer system.Original farmland Hao two and the good sub- princess' matrimony proof is also that ancient old marriage register orders to issue, they make use of artificial means to carry on fraud and made a perfect deceitful matrimony proof, and date still just original farmland Hao two go to fell country Charles de Gaulle Airport before." After there is artificial intelligence"fantasy", the Yan flies and then lets"dreamlike" carry on supervision to the network information of the whole worlds.So when the insularity medium start publicizeeing original farmland Hao two and the deeply moving love story of good sub- princess of time, the Yan flies and then knewed original farmland Hao two return to the affair of insularity, however the Yan flies and doesn't arouse enough value at that time. Wait until original farmland Hao two and after the insularity becomes widely known, the good sub- princess' affair's"fantasy" also wiretaps a great deal of insularity information aiming at dreamlike island from the network.Arrive this time, the Yan flies just finally understood insularity person exactly Be beating what abacus.The insularity person repaired an original farmland Hao two and the good sub- princess' matrimony prove, be want to make sure that the dreamlike island is an original farmland Hao two with the good sub- princess' common property, original farmland Hao two have no right to sell dreamlike island alone, so the Yan flies the procedure of purchasing the dreamlike island not complete. The Yan flies and knows insularity the person attempts and passes fraud to beat the idea of dreamlike island ownership, his the first reaction is to take no cognizance the insularity person's scheme, as long as the dreamlike island remains strong force awe, none of anyones dares and has to the dreamlike island improperly think. But the Yan flies but have to worry a problem Mookie Betts Dodgers Jersey, that is the insularity the person will hold tight this affair the ballyhoo is among nations and even appeal to higher court World Court and query the ownership problem of dreamlike island.Be after all compare with making a mess of to pretty tie up, the insularity person can ast least produce a little evidence this time.But the western people frequently eat big Kui here in the dreamlike island, early to dreamlike island disaffection, as long as the insularity person sends to evidence up, with western and artificial World Court and western and essential medium of lord will definitely hold tight not to put to the dreamlike island. The product of dreamlike island of so can in the world on the market large-scale sale, the first is a nature because the product quality of dreamlike island good, can work out the consumer's actual problem;The second be because dreamlike island or is that the fame that the Yan flies is still fairly good, the consumer of those west nation doesn't dislike him at least. But once the insularity person is through the ownership of World Court to the dreamlike island carry on querying, then World Court to do a disadvantage in the Yan fly of judge after, the Yan flies affirmation to carry out their judge.That time, the western medium will definitely fly Yan to mold into the bad person that doesn't obey law and rule and connect to take the consumer of those western worlds will to the product creation of the dreamlike island bad impression, thus refuse to purchase the product of dreamlike island, make the dreamlike island appear a huge sum of economic loss. Fly to see in the Yan, if someone opens hostilities to the dreamlike island, the dreamlike island will immediately carry on backstroke, and in the future inherit an enemy to exterminate clean.But insularity person this time but very cunning, they used such a Yin to recruit and started querying the ownership of dreamlike island.Although this can not from substantial up change a dreamlike island to belong to Yan to fly all facts, but will let dreamlike island and Yan fly very disgusted. But the Yan fly once replying is inappropriate, may give the good development of dreamlike island certainly the head bring huge negative effect, so he just wants to seek six Ping pings, company's measuring one should come out to the project and strangle threat in the cradle.

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