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    Once saw one piece before Yan flies according to, that is to have already especially clearly explored a mineral stone on the earth the content is 370,000,000,000 tons, and these especially the iron content of mineral stone on the average come down also only have 30 or so, so real of steel amount only have 100,000,000,000 tons.And dreamlike island now own can make 100,000,000,000 hundred million tons may compare the ability of steel concrete, is also say, the dreamlike island is an and then adds to want still in the world than all steel finished product totals amounts up 100,000,000 more. The Yan flies a while and then is been surpriseds by Yang Qi's data foolish, if the dreamlike island can guide world trend and make use of cement concrete to act for the use to parts of steels, and spread this current words for the whole world, so dreamlike island with lend the strong and tough rock of these undergrounds and then can become the strongest super influence in the world, can easily of the mineral industry in the world all tycoons kill. At the thought of people make use of concrete to replace the use of steel, the Yan flies some weird fellings.However Yang Qi has already pushed and played and carried on detailed science and technology and pushed and played in the system in science and technology and prove the concrete that is made but become by the underground super rock cement is after condensing and is the slightest no more inferior to than a steel on the physical characteristic and even still have and outrun on some characteristics Michael Jordan White Sox Jersey, completely can in great quantities act for the use of steel. Constuct in the city at least, the house builds, street, railroad, water conservancy facilities, defence industry, will become the place of big super dreamlike island rock cement exhibition artistic skill, and this will also fly for dreamlike island and Yan to bring innumerable all new source of money. The Yan flew unexpectedly Yang Qi to give oneself so a huge surprise, made use of to abandon useless underground rock to develop a kind of unprecedented steel cement.As long as this kind of steel cement can be expanding to open in the world, the dreamlike island enters source of money to widely and greatly get rich by chance. After all the iron mine stone in the world the total content is limited Anthony Rizzo Cubs Jersey, and the price of iron mine stone is expensive, the steel cement of dreamlike island once pushing toward the market, only the price is reasonable, will occupy to in great quantities and originally belong to quota in the market of iron mine stone right away.So in view of this angle, dreamlike island of is an iron mine stone mountain under the underground, and is a to add to want still up 100,000,000 more super mineral mountains on the earth than all iron mine stones. The Yan flies to inquire the most decisive problem right away:"How is the production cost of this kind of steel cement?The meeting can't compare a mining of iron mine stone and refine cost higher?" Although the steel cement of dreamlike island compares common steel strength is as higher as degree of hardness, uncertain more lower than the production cost of common steel.If its production cost leads Gao and cans not gets the approbation of market so naturally, could not was outward carry on selling. Strange talk's way:"The mode of production of steel cement is very simple, the most processes process is whetted strong and tough rock into powder by the equipments, add catalyst formula in these powders, then mix powder and catalyst formula together, carry on heat heating in an environment of closeness.Wait until it from the heat after cooling off down, the steel cement produced." "Here noodles the only crux be how whet strong and tough rock into powder, because this kind of rock is very strong and tough, whet them into powder very difficult.If is whet into the rock that is a little amount powder, we the equipments in the laboratory can.If want to whet a great deal of rock into powder Javier Baez Cubs Jersey, simply depending the equipments of laboratory not to go has to need an equipments that is large to whet powder.This whets a powder equipments to not only want efficiency enough Gao, have to also have to strongly whet powder ability.However with the Earth current science and technology level to see, want to produce an equipments that is efficiently such a to whet powder to be very difficult." The Yan flies to say:"Do you have the way of thinking to solve how to whet a great deal of rock into powder?" Strange talk's way:"I have already passed the thinking instrument pushed to play to design in the system in science and technology whetting of 1 powder machine, you can take a look.If this kind of whets a powder machine ability really be produced of words, so whet a great deal of rock into powder and then isn't what problem." The Yan flies to quickly get into to lend support to a Zhi brain, pushed to play to discover the production diagram of a large machine equipments in the system in science and technology paper and production craft.Want to carry on whetting powder to the strong and tough rock, so is very high to strength and degree of hardness request of machinery equipment, have to use to run before technique to carry on production to this set equipments.But currently process ability by the Earth, is being not likely to produce can attain the equipments of Yang Qi's request. However the Yan flies don't worry Corey Seager Dodgers Jersey, can not produce this kind of equipments,do not represent him to have no way on the earth, because of unmanned machine from take a small scaled production car.As long as he would like to consume energy to order, can promote small scaled production production craft between the cars and accuracy, the nature can whet this kind of powder equipments the production came out. Hence the Yan flies to input the production diagram that whets a powder equipments paper and production craft to a small scaled production car and indeed as expected discover this whets a powder equipments to be produced, while the only request is the production craft and accuracy that needs to promote a small scaled production car.The Yan flies to have plenty of energy to order now, the nature can't skin a flint, so as long as he would like to, in readying to the foundation of various original material, very quick can produce a perfect finished product. The Yan flies to say:"This whetting a powder equipments isn't problem, I have way to produce it." Strange talk's way:"If not the calculation whets powder equipments cost, so we the production cost of steel cement will low get terrible, basically only have cost of labor, energy cost and conveyance cost." If the Yan flies this to just trust, so, his steel cement will have a strong market competition ability.However he worries again right away and says:"We the production craft of steel cement thus simple, will can't drive easily mimicry?Other nations also have ability to carry on whetting a powder processing to the underground rock, just their efficiency affirmation fails to catch us.Once the production craft leakiness goes out, plus they get our underground rock of dreamlike island, they not is not pass by us and then can get this kind of miraculous steel cement?" Strange talk's way:"This circumstance is absolutely is not likely to take place, because rock after whetting into powder, have to also with we only the catalyst formula of the door agitation together carry on heat heating, just can get finished product cement after finally cooling off.In the catalyst formula of the steel cement, existence a lot of trace elements and compound of at, but among them most essential to have of a kind of possess singly a chemical element is us dreamlike island of money chemical element." "The money chemical element is in the within catalyst formula although the quantity arrives less almost negligible situation, but is inside's most decisive chemical element.Because have the existence of the money chemical element, our cement just can develop a perfect function;Have no the existence of the money chemical element, our cements are a heap of powders, what use also have no." On hearing this kind of cement inside incredibly want to add a money chemical element, the Yan flies some worry, say:"Our steel cement once opening a market, beginning act for the function of one part of steels, so its demand will be an astronomical figure.If steel cement in need to join the words of money chemical element, so once the cement sells quantity fierce increase, I fear that our money chemical elements will be not enough to use." The money chemical element has a very strong function Clayton Kershaw Dodgers Jersey, can use in all aspects of dreamlike island, but its source is very mysterious, the Yan flew just on the earth to just discover this a cake of and once used up and had no way to carry on adding.So the Yan flies the uses to the money chemical element are all very careful, as far as possible the economy is the chemical element that is excessively frightened to depend on a money, once money chemical element exhaustion, the development of dreamlike island will be struggling. Yang Qi is the contriver of catalyst formula, nature to inside of the circumstance is clear, he explains a way:"The money chemical element within catalyst content that our cements needs, under the circumstance from the same physical volume, it compares to reform the depletion of money chemical element that metal characteristic needs little 1000 times.The money chemical element isn't the main material of cement, it just among them of a kind of key catalyst, the main catalyst object is the mysterious energy that contains in the rock.And the cement produce result of is also this kind of mysterious energy, so the depletion of money chemical element would significantly reduce."

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