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    Strange talk's way:" After our laboratory of experiment, discover this kind of mysterious energy has no disadvantage to the human body and on the contrary get in touch with over a long period of time this kind of mysterious energy can have huge advantage to the human body, this is also the plant on the dreamlike island and grow thus and luxuriantly, and various birds liked to be foolish in the reason on the dreamlike island." The Yan flies to curiously ask a way:"So is this kind of mysterious energy exactly what things?" Yang Qi's hands are one stand, say:"I don't know that it exactly is what things as well.You before say that you pass mentality to see natural mysterious strength outside the body, so I doubt the mysterious energy that floods a dreamlike island and you see of the mysterious strength is the same thing." The Yan flies to shake head a way:"They should be the same thing, because I pass the mysterious strength that the mentality sees is mentally dense strength, it has no attribute, can not the function is at the external world and say nothing of the physical attribute of changing the weather condition and underground rock." Strange talk's way:"You once said as well Jose Altuve Astros Jersey, those absolute being class the superior can convert the attribute of mysterious strength as he or she uses, then asks for help of attribute energy to develop killing of terror to harm dint.So say that the mysterious strength that you see can be used as well as carry on an attribute conversion." The Yan flies to say:"But absolute being class superior can convert among them smallest one part of mysterious strength, be like this like attribute strength of covering with the whole dreamlike island waters change, basically having no way can attain.Be mankind all absolute being classes superiors of the history all add together and all can not do it this." Strange talk's way:"I have never said the attribute here the strength is what absolute being class superior result in, I doubt in the dreamlike island to have a super big special device here.Is exactly that this is always special to equip at will that kind of mentally dense of the mysterious strength carry on a conversion and convert can for we the dreamlike island bring the mysterious energy of good variety." The Yan flies to say:"Can still impossible!As I am discovering a dreamlike island, it still and just and continuously under sink, here only more than 100s the small scaled group of islands that peep out sea surface.Is that we carry on construction and development to here afterwards Yordan Alvarez Astros Jersey, also have no on the dreamlike island and discover what strange of thing, so impossibly here have special equip but I don't know!After all want to convert so many mysterious energy, this equiping must be very huge, impossibly we could not see its existence." The Yan flies still have a words don't say, he makes use of unmanned machine and artificial whale activity in the waters is in the neighborhood of dreamlike island, early grope for the bottom of sea here circumstance clear.The bottom of sea here is the whole as usual, with other bottom of seas have no dissimilarity, so be also not likely to exist in the bottom of sea what special equip. Strange talk's way:"You before once said, more is at underground deep place, the yonder rock is more strong and tough, to?" The Yan flies to nod a way:"Is quite good, I the detection is more to scoop out toward underground bottom, the rock of underground is more strong and tough." Strange talk's way:"Having may that deep place that is special to equip and then hide at the underground?" The Yan flies one Leng, he still really has never thought this kind of may.However the rock of underground is thus strong and tough, plused completely don't get down of passage and blind side, and then what things canned be put deep place at the underground? Strange talk's way:"We for the time being think to have mentally dense strength that can see your mentality carries on the special device of conversion to exist, this kind of isn't only flooded in the sky of top of head, by the energy after converting but also pass underground rock toward the underground deep place gradually Alex Bregman Astros Jersey.So would appear here have been covering with firmamental of white fog, but this kind of white fog again to the weather creation of the dreamlike island enough influence.Do you feel how this of mine guesses?" The Yan flies to say:"Having this kind of may." Yang Qi continues to say:"As for the rock of dreamlike island underground, they possibility in the past be not so strong and tough rock, but various messy other rocks.However under the function of mysterious energy, these rocks slowly come together together, and is assimilated and finally become the same rock, this is always before also this waters at under sink, but underground under don't dissolve the reason of hole and blind side.The rock is downwards more and more strong and tough from the top, because these rock the depth of place different, they absorb mysterious energy of how much also different.But the mysterious energy of absorption is more many, it is more strong and tough." The Yan flies a bit stunned, but feel that Yang Qi is well said like very reasonable of appearance Christian Yelich Brewers Jersey, he completely can not answer criticism. Yang Qi says again:"Because absorb that the reason of the mysterious energy, dreamlike island just so feat plant and animal growth are the rock of underground, because stored the reason of mysterious energy, also had to strengthen cement strength and the ability of the degree of hardness." The Yan flies this to just understand and aims at previous that problem of oneself, Yang Qi is passing a series of careful science argument, did to the miraculous effect source of underground rock the solution of science. But Yang Qi's argument haven't completed, he continues to say:"The rock of topmost layer, the mysterious energy of absorption is little, so its strong and tough degree is the worst;But deepen along with the depth of underground rock, it absorbed more mysterious energies, it the meeting is more and more strong and tough." "Our laboratory once does various experiments, the detection more was a rock near the ground, and it isn't very big to the promoting of cement strength, can just attain the degree of hardness and strength of the strongest cement of commonness;But more is the rock that closes to underground Josh Hader Jersey, the promoting of cement strength for it is very big, even can attain the degree of titanium metal alloy.Previous that cement slab of stone, it is the rock manufacturing that makes use of 100 meters deep place to come out.If you can take out the rock of the deepest place to to me, I even may give you the manufacturing to come out in the world the strongest and tough product.Coming up to say from the essence is that kind of, the mysterious energy strengthened the strength and degree of hardness of cement concrete." "So I can predict, at we the underground of the dreamlike island deep place, definitely have a device that can convert mysterious strength, this also matches white fog in the dreamlike island the sky to contain mysterious energy lowest, but along with rock depth increment, it in contain of the mysterious energy increase gradually of regulation." Yan's flying unexpectedly Yang Qi incredibly will calculate dreamlike underground existence in the island a mysterious device of, regrettable because underground rock really too strong and tough reason, Yan's flying hasn't been probing into the underground of dreamlike island well, otherwise perhaps have already discovered that the underground exactly had such a mysterious conversion device.However the Yan flies have been already decided, in next time in, he will definitely carry on fishing for to the underground circumstance and know when the time comes that strangely calculates to isn't exactitude. Then the Yan flew to thought of a problem and asked a way:"Because rock absorb mysterious energy just have the ability to strengthen the cement various attribute, so will the mysterious energy in the rock suddenly disappear?Once the mysterious energy of its inside disappeared, is glued by the cement even and become of will the product can't also appear the circumstance of breakup?" Strange talk's way:"I once analyzed rock in contain of mysterious energy, these mysterious energy after the rock leaves underground really at slowly dissipation, but the speed of this dissipation is very slow-moving.Compute according to my nicety, 100 years would five of dissipation 100 among those cents' mysterious energy.Is also say, as long as we reserve a certain cement function to descend space, we can ast least promise our parts of cement manufacturing can't appear any problem within 1,000 years."

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